Classic Safari

see the Big 5 and much more on our Game-Drives through the african savannah


Easter Safari 2021

Bring family and friends to Clive's Safari Lodge. With us you stay safe and you can keep distance - in the middle of the african bush during your holidays.

We open our doors exclusively for an Easter Safari Group from 6 to 10 people. Stay private and safe with us during these uncertain times in elegant chalets. Enjoy amazing sights over the waterhole from the pool and the viewing deck.
Experience the African bush at the best time of the year! See new born animal babies and all big and small wonders, while you have a once in a lifetime vacation. 2020 with its ups and downs was crazy enough - relax & recharge your energy level now - in 2021!!

What do you get?
See the iconic African animals on game-drives, walk with us on the wild side and if you feel like it: Find your Body & Soul in one our fitness sessions.  Our chef will cook your favourite dishes ,or join in for our private cooking classes.  Have a pick nick in the wild or a candle light dinner under the star filled sky. Give back and support with a visit at our community project. Go for  a daytrip to Blyde River Canyon or other fantastic destinations!

This special Holiday-Package is "all inclusive" and includes two safari activities per day.  We require a minimum stay of 5 nights - the lodge is exclusively reserved for our Easter group. 


Contact us for your detailed offer!

...with easter bunnies and elephants

Classic Safari

...for the best moments in life 

This is the Classic African Safari. We strive to bring you a unique and memorable experience through our expertise and our commitment that each of our guests depart from South Africa with memories of a wonderful Safari in pristine wilderness.

We will take you on unforgettable and exciting Game Drives to see the animals of the African bush. 

What do you get?

Bush mornings start early with tea and coffee before we take you on 4x4 game drives or a guided walking Safari with one of our highly experienced and trained trail guides for those who wish to stretch their legs and get the most from their African experience. Before the sun sets high on the sky we return to camp where our chef spoils you with an excellent brunch, while you enjoy looking back on the morning adventures.

During the day you can relax at the pool of the luxury lodge with a great view of the waterhole and witness the coming and going of large animals or birds who stop by for a drink.

In the afternoon we take you on a sundowner Game Drive, especially looking out for nocturnal animals as leopard, lion and spotted hyena. This is the perfect time to find animals getting active after a warm African day. We return to camp after dusk and invite you to join us in our boma where the fireplace generates the incredible atmosphere of the bush night. Our chef will serve you delicious African and international meals. Bushveld memories of the day and the sounds of the African night will linger on in your dreams.

The Classic Safari is available throughout the whole year. Each season has its different flair and beauty but wildlife will be seen in summer and winter – no matter what! Please contact us directly for your preferred days and we will give you more information and rates on this exclusive experience.


Bushlover Safari

This Safari is all about an exciting mix of walking trails and game-drives to re-awaken your senses. We will sleep outside under the African stars, learn about tracking and safely approach wildlife on foot. Get ready for the amazing sunrises and sparkling star-lit nights!


The Bushlover Safari is not only for adventurous people! It is created for any active person that is physically fit to go on leisurely guided walks in the savannah and loves viewing wildlife together with learning things like tracking, navigation on foot and interesting uses of the plants of the Bushveld.


What do you get?

During the daily walking trails with your experienced trails-guide we will focus on re-awakening your senses. You start again to rely on smell, hearing and eye sight in this diverse and exciting environment. During the game drives and walks you will learn a lot about animals, insects, plants, birds, tracking and even dung - while having fun. They are all telling you a story of their own. On the walks we focus on essential bush skills to stay safe, like recognizing animal signs and navigation. The Bushlover Safari will also give you the unique chance to spend one night in the middle of the bush when we take you on a sleep-out under the African, starlit night sky. We will prepare our meal on an open fire and enjoy a fantastic stargazing Safari session. All walking is planned in the cooler early mornings and in the afternoons we set-out for further destinations on inter-active Game Drives.

...walk with us on the wild side

The Bushlover Safari is available throughout the whole year. Each season has its different flair and beauty but wildlife will be seen in summer and winter – no matter what! Please contact us directly for your preferred days and we will give you more information and rates on this exclusive experience.

Ride & Dine Safari

...experience the bush and its wildlife on horseback

In cooperation with Wait a Little - Big 5 Horse Safaris we offer this “once in a lifetime” Safari experience with the iconic Big 5 and culinary highlights. You will be riding each day for about four to six hours through some of the most scenic game viewing areas on two game reserves and on over 30.000 ha. The game trails you follow on horseback are often the same routes used by elephant, hippo or rhino. When lucky, you may get the rare opportunity to gallop alongside giraffe or wildebeest. Rides are usually early in the day to avoid the most intense heat and sun, while afternoons are spent at leisure with a siesta and thrilling Game Drives.


What do you get?

The ride starts at the main Camp in the Karongwe Gamereserve, where you spend the first days of your Safari. On day four our guests ride to Clive’s Safari Lodge, where "Claudia Schnell Safaris" will be your host. This glamorous modern lodge has a beautiful open kitchen where you can watch how we cook and prepare our meals. Our chef has learned from the best and is a passionate chef. Between the rides he will surprise you with delicious meals, quite often served at pristine wilderness locations in the bush. Imagine having dinner around a fire place and under starlit night-skies in the middle of the open savannah. Specially selected South African wines and creative cocktails will accompany your culinary highlights. In the afternoon our guides will take you on game drives in the open Land Rover or on an exciting walking trail. After two nights at Clive’s Safari Lodge we arrive after the morning ride at our last stop: Weaver’s Nest Lodge. We will again host you here for another two nights before you leave the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve, back to Wait A Little main Camp and your last two nights in the African bush.

The Ride & Dine Safari is for experienced riders only. We offer this exclusive Safari during special weeks that we have set-aside throughout the year or after advance reservation. Please contact us directly for more information, dates and rates.


The pandemic showed us: From one day to the next, we all fell into a deep sleep with the lockdown !!!! No more traveling and life is now very calm and in peace - live at home !!!! ... and who knows, maybe that was urgently necessary for us and especially for nature: stop the bike and look at what is important in life. Our new element safari focuses exactly on this: nature, our well-being and having time !!  Visit us here in South Africa and join us on a safari with the elements for five days. We will meet them on our game drives between the wild animals, we will cook according to the element theory and get a taste of the world of coaching - with personal element coaching. Discover the five elements of water, wood, earth, fire and metal in a new way. In our life we ​​are surrounded by the five elements every day, whether in the big city or out in the woods - whether on vacation or just at home! They are part of life.


What do you get?

Our new element safari takes our guests through the incredibly beautiful nature of Africa. Spend time on game drives and join us on foot in search of wildlife. You will learn a lot about the elements and how they relate to wildlife. But this connection can change - like the seasons - so it will always be exciting! After the morning game drives, discover cooking with the elements and those interested can learn everything from us about “warm” and “cold” foods that have nothing to do with their temperature. We have developed a special cooking course for this purpose and our chef is happy to take you on a journey through the elements kitchen in the early afternoon! Your personal well-being will be influenced by it and with us you will learn to use this for yourself. If you wish, we will determine your “personal” element during coaching, and how much it may have influenced your life so far ?! A new and interesting mixture spread over five days and a “slightly different safari” - for a new time that has reached us all due to the pandemic. Focus on nature, on us and on what is really important for our wellbeing.

...more freedom and time for yourself

Our Elements Safari is available all year round, as are the elements around us. Just bring enough time that nobody can take away from you later. Every season has its special flair and its own beauty, but don't worry, the wild animals are easy to watch all year round! Please contact us directly regarding appointments and we will be happy to send you further information and prices.

Food Safari

...a delicious cooking experience - while on safari

The Food Safari is an exciting combination of a special cooking experience combined with the Classic Safari adventure in the middle of the African bush. Through this safari there is the opportunity to explore our rich and diverse heritage of African culinary delights, its ingredients and the specific herbs and spices used. Many dishes are suitable to be cooked on an open fire, are fun and easy to make and require no previous cooking experience.


What do you get?

The versatile “Food Safari” will give you the unique opportunity to explore and enjoy African inspired meals on our hands-on-cooking-courses in combination with a Classic Safari adventure. The fun starts with a short visit to local street markets and shops, where we buy mainly ingredients that are in season and that are locally produced. Every morning we set out on a 4x4 game drive to view wildlife and to feel the timeless rhythms of this land. On return at the lodge our chef will spoil you with an excellent brunch while you enjoy looking back on the morning adventures.

After a relaxing break we will start with the cooking workshop guided by our knowledgeable and entertaining chef. You will learn about wild herbs and traditional spices and the local veggies, fruits and meats that are typical for the South Africa kitchen. 


Of course we will set out for a short 4x4 afternoon game drive if we hear about an exciting animal sighting close by and definitly after the workshop we will take you on a short drive to enjoy the African sun set. You return to finish your own “African cuisine-creation”, which will soon be served under the starlit sky.

The “Food Safari” is a unique experience and should be booked in advance. We offer this exclusive safari during special weeks that we have set-aside throughout the year or after advance reservation. This safari is also available for private groups and the lodge can be booked on an exclusive base ensuring complete privacy. Please contact us directly for more information, dates and rates


Photographic Workshop

...enhance your creativity and skills

This photographic course in nature, is open to anyone and everyone with a passion or interest in wildlife and nature photography. Whether you’re an beginner or an amateur, there’s ample opportunity to develop and hone your skills and creativity with a camera, whilst furthermore enjoying everything that the African bush has to offer.

The workshop has been specifically designed and will be conducted by Samuel Cox. Sam is from england and has been travelling Africa since he is young. He has worked as a professional wildlife photographer for  more then 10 years, with over 4 years experience in teaching photography workshops and living in the Greater Kruger area.

Sam will be with you on every drive and activity, and in between will be hosting and conducting seminars, workshops and even exercises, depending on the needs of the guests.


What do you get?

We believe in delivering fantastic experiences as well as photographic tuition. This is done through a ’back to basics’ approach, where we discuss the basics of camera operating and then move on to the particulars of wildlife photography.

Your experience includes how to tell a story and represent your subject with creative composition, how to freeze the action, showing motion, working with different types of light and even at night – where we go out looking for nocturnal animals!


Of course, it’s equally important that you learn more about the animals and the environment you’re in, and this is where our expert guiding comes in to make sure you’re in an advantageous position to get the shot needed

We have a set dates in July 2021 for this specific course, but it is also bookable for individual groups throughout the year. Lets get started - we can’t wait to help you with photography and share those magical moments that only life amidst and the African wilderness can provide. Please contact us directly for more information, dates and rates.


Body & Soul Safari

Escape long and hectic working hours for some exclusive safari days and bring your body & soul in line with nature, surrounded by African wildlife. Leave the noise and stress of the fast paced modern world and dive into the mystery and romance of the African bush. Join us for early morning yoga & pilates sessions or on power-walks on foot. Combine physical & spiritual qualities, with a classic safari experiences.


Balanced and healthy food is the base for a functioning and wellbeing body. During this special safari we put an extra focus on fresh fruits and veggies from the local area, to equalize your body - and to keep it this way.


What do you get?

With our Body & Soul Safari we offer a wider spectrum: besides our daily game drives we focus on body, mind and soul. A perfect combination of physical activities, fantastic and nutritious food and safari adventure. After waking up by the first light of the sunrise and the amazing sounds of the bush, we will get you in a healthy twist with the daily morning fitness sessions: a combination of Yoga & Pilates - tailored to our guests needs. We have crafted some special activities for true rejuvenation, restoration and transformation. During the day you also have the opportunity to stretch out on the massage table and enjoy a relaxing treatment, under the African sky, before the afternoons will be followed by a classic safari experience on game drives. Working with our trained Wellness Practitioners, Therapists and Wilderness Guides, we invite you to commune with the African wilderness and to find within you a sense of wellbeing.

...feel and live the rythm of nature

The Body & Soul Safari is a unique experience and must be booked in advance. We offer this exclusive safari during special weeks that we have set-aside throughout the year or after advance reservation. This safari is also available for private groups and the lodge can be booked on an exclusive base ensuring complete privacy. Please contact us directly for more information, dates and rates.


Leadership Safari

Wilderness inspires us to lead effectively and more authentic. 'Claudia Schnell Safaris' teams up with Wamvenga-Training for a Leadership Safari adventure with exciting animal encounters, magnificent sunrises and inspiring workshops. Observe first-hand the leadership style of African wildlife and gain valuable insights. Join us on this fun and hands-on seminar! Step out of your comfort zone and into the wilderness of the African bush. Observe the leadership and team-work of the iconic African animals. Get focuses, inspires and creative to access your own Leadership abilities!


What do you get?

In this safari we learn from the “leading by example” style that iconic African wildlife give us. Look at lion prides, elephant herds and spotted hyena clans. A mix of midday workshops, exciting daily game drives and energizing & insightful leadership bush walks offer participants to enjoy an African safari while coming out as a better leader.

Through the leadership Safari participants are encouraged to look into “nature’s mirror” and learn how to raise self-awareness, identify and strengthen their leadership style, develop a leadership brand and involve feedback as valuable leadership tool. We combine this adventurous safari with delicious meals, unforgettable animal encounters and magnificent African sunsets.


We offer this safari throughout the year for individuals on specific dates. The Leadership Safari is also available for private and cooperate groups and the lodge can be booked on an exclusive base, ensuring complete privacy. Please contact us directly for more information, dates and rates.

...use nature to learn about yourselfe

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