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4x4 Trip

Botswana offers diverse wildlife in remote and beautiful areas like the Okavango Delta and well know National Parks

Botswana 4 x 4

20 Days: 18. Feb - 10. March 2023


Okovango Delta-Khwai-Savuti-Chobe-Linyanti-Victoria Falls-LeKubu Island-Makgadigadi Pans-Maun

Guided - 20 day - 4 x 4 Safari in your offroad vehicle with rooftop tent.

All inclusive Safari with your personal French, German and English speaking guides.

An unforgettable combination of camping and layovers in 5 star-luxury lodges.

day 1: Today is the day! We arrive at the airport of Maun, the safari capital of Botswana and do a 4x4 vehicle “meet-and-greet” plus shop for some last-minute snacks to bring with on our Safari. Here we will also do a short safety briefing about what to do when you are encountered with the iconic African wildlife like elephant and lion.

day 2 to day 4: The wetlands of the Okavango Delta. In Maun we stay the first night in our vehicle's rooftop tent to get used to them and we prepare ourselves for an adventurous sleep-out for two nights on an island in the middle of the Delta. You can only get there by the old-fashioned way; the “Mokoro Canoe”. The Delta is a true safe-haven for water-birds, fish, frogs and hippo and is one of the last real fresh water-wilderness areas of the world. Back in Maun we get well our deserved hot showers and book into a comfortable tented chalet. 
day 5 to day 8: The jewel that is Khwai. We will drive in half a day to the beautiful Khwai Community Reserve. An area teeming with wildlife. Our driving skills and the strength of the 4x4 vehicles will be tested and we plan to stay at the wonderful Mogotho community campsite for 2 nights. This site is problably the most beautiful in Botswana and has no running water nor electricity.  From there it is just a short drive to Khwai Bush Camp where we all our wishes will be completely cared for. We spend two nights at the luxury Khwai Bush Camp. We will go out on Game Drives and Mokoro trips together with one of the best field guides of Botswana. 
day 9 and day 10: The legendary Savuti marshes. We drive from Khwai to the Savuti. It’s slow going on the deep sandy roads situated on top of an ancient dune. The Savuti marshes are one of the most well-known wilderness areas in the world due to the many famous nature documentaries that where filmed here. When the rains are right, the marshes fill to the brim with wildlife and we spend two nights here in our rooftop tents at the Savuti campsite. Watch for a very curious honey-badger that often strolls through camp in the evening or early morning. Game Drive’s are done in our own vehicles and we will just visit water-pans excited to see what magic wildlife moments will happen there.
day 11 and day 12: Chobe National Park. The Lenyanti is a quiet and often overlooked corner of Chobe National Park. It is beautifully wild and has extensive views over a vast riverine area. We are staying two nights at the luxurious Lenyanti Tented Bush Camp, close-by Namibia's Caprivi strip. The area is known for its open vistas, large herds of Cape buffalo and always present elephants. Wildlife viewing from our private deck just can’t get better!
day 13 and day14: Kasane and Victoria Falls. It will take us a days drive to Kasana, where we will set-off for a magical sunset boat trip on the Chobe River. The next day we will visit one of the seven wonders of the world and discovered by the famous Dr. Livingstone;  the majestic Victoria falls! Bring extra dry clothes for the return trip! The falls are just over the border from Kasane inside Zimbabwe. We stay two nights at Senyati Camping site not far from Kasane. Wildlife often visits the campsite here at night and we need to use our torches to walk around at night.
day 15 to day 18: Makgagdigadi Pans National Park. We expect to see incredible big salt pans and some massive herds of migrational Zebra. The park is a days drive away from Kasane and we stay at the famous Baobab planet campsite in the little village of Gweta. From here we will attempt to reach mysterious Lekhubu Island. The island is only reachable depending on the rainfall and road conditions. Picture ancient granite boulders with a Baobab forest in the middle of nothing, the massive Sua salt pan. A few Baobab’s on the island look like giants being frozen in wood, arms reaching up into the heavens. Getting there is not easy, but well worth it.
day 19 and day 20: Our return to Maun. We head back from the Makgadigadi Pans, Nxai Pan campsite to Maun in an easy morning drive where we stay in a tented chalet in Maun. In the PM there is a possibility for a last flight over the Okavango Delta before we return our 4x4 vehicle and depart for the flight back home. What an adventure it was!

The above Safari is an all inclusive Safari. Please contact us for details and rates!

Exclusive: Flights to/from place of departure, fuel and border fees.

Botswana 4x4

Zimbabwe 4 x 4

20 Days: no set dates yet / 2023

Route: Johannesburg - Musina - Gonarezhou National Park - Chimanimani Mountains -

Great Zimbabwe - Bulawayo - Khami Ruins - Francistown - Johannesburg

Guided - 20 day - 4 x 4 Safari in your offroad vehicle with rooftop tent.

All inclusive Safari with your personal French, German and English speaking guides.

An unforgettable combination of camping and layovers in 5 star luxury lodges.

day 1:

From Johannesburg to Musina. Today is the day! We have arrived the day before at the airport of Johannesburg and do this morning a 4x4 vehicle “meet-and-greet” plus shop for some last-minute snacks to bring with. From the big city we take off North East and inside a warmer side of our country. Here we stay the first night at our campsite around Musina. A full safety briefing will be done here, including the best tips and tricks on how to react when encountering large and small wildlife.
day 2 to day 8:

Gonarezhou National Park is the place of the majestic Baobab tree. Whole forests of them are there. We cross the South African and the Zimbabwe border post at Beitbridge and continue for a day drive East to the little visited but stunning Gonarezhou National Park. We stay four nights at basic campsites in our roof-top tents overlooking the magnificent landscape and spend our last three nights in one of the most beautiful 5 star lodges in the area. African Wild Dogs or Cape Hunting Dogs are one of the animals we hope to see here! 
day 9 today 13:

The wonderful Chimanimani mountain National Park with its craggy massifs, deep valleys, streams and waterfalls, forest and grasslands. Its draw-cards are sweeping vistas and gorgeous rock-formations. It is our home for five glorious hiking days. Local guides will join us every day easy pathways and a we will sleep out under the stars in this little visited area of the Zimbabwean Eastern Highlands. This treasure chest of an area is a half days-drive from Gonarezhou.


day 14 and day 15:

Great Zimbabwe  – the capital of the Queen of Sheba, according to an age-old legend – are a unique testimony to the Bantu civilisation of the Shona people between the 11th and 15th centuries. This ancient city covers a massive area of nearly 80 hectares. We will spend a day in this magnificent place and learn from a knowledgeable guide all there is to know. Great Zimbabwe lies not far from Masvingo town where we plan stay-over in comfortable chalets and hope to fuel up our vehicles. 

day 16 and day 17:

Bulawayo is our next cultural and historical stop. We visit a vibrant town market on foot and the close-by Khami Ruins. These ruins are of great archaeological significance. Objects discovered from places like Europe and China give evidence that the ruins were a trading centre for a very long period. It was constructed in the 16th century after the capital of Great Zimbabwe had been deserted. It is also an important UNESCO world heritage site of Zimbabwe.
day 18 to day 20:

Our return to Johannesburg. We head towards the Botswana border, cross and stay our last night in a beautiful wooded camping site north of Francistown. From here we drive in two easy day drives into South Africa and arrive back in Johannesburg. We arrive back with tons of new camp-fire stories and full memory cads with pictures. From here we are happy to get back home but look already forward to our next African adventure.

The above Safari is an all inclusive safari. Please contact us for details and rates!

Zimbabwe 4x4
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